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Turn your tour into a NEW business opportunity with us!
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Are you looking for a chance to earn extra money with your tour group?


Are you looking for a simple and easy way to get latest Japanese information?


Are you looking for a fun experience your tour can try out when traveling Japan?

Dantame World Research is just the right place to find
what you are looking for!

About Us

Dantame World Research (DWR) provides marketing service to Japanese companies,
trying to expand their scoop of business to overseas.

With cooperation with these Japanese companies, we provide travel agencies with
NEW kinds of experiences your tour groups would love,
along with NEW business chances!

If you have a tour group visiting Japan, simply tell us, we will do the preparation for marketing!

Don't miss out this SIMPLE, EASY, and SPEEDY business opportunity!

Example Cases


Sampling & Promotion

Add specialness to your tour by providing small souvenirs.


Survey in Bus

Have your tour groups try out new products in Japan while moving by bus.


Try out

Experience and learn about Japan through new app trial during the tour.

Make every minute of your tour interesting!
Earn more with low effort and stress-free!

Demand for Foreign Marketing

・The number of companies which are trying to expand their scoop of business to foreign market has been increasing.

・Within the past decade, the number of Japanese companies which actually succeed expanding their business out of Japan has doubled.

Japanese Companies searching for foreign marketing data is increasing!

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How we work


Register your company information in our system.


We will contact you when we receive marketing research from our partner companies.


Conduct marketing research when your group visits Japan.


We will make payment to your company.

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